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May 26, 2011



I am really impressed with your mobile site. Well done. I work for the university of New Brunswick Library System as an Assistive Technologist focused on making sure our printed holdings are made accessible to those who have a print disability. Although the business and service models may be different as you mentioned, the desired end result is the same, in that we are both attempting to delivering material to a wider audience. I am not involved directly in the development of our libraries mobile website, I am asked to test its level of accessibility against mobile accessibility software during the development process from time to time. (m.lib.unb.ca)

If it is any conciliation, I have run your mobile site through the paces and have found it to be better then most in terms of accessibility on a mobile platforms. I find it intriguing how you used landmarks. Navigation was smooth with text to speech enabled. Keep up the good work, I am passing on this web address to our senior web dev and the working group. It is likely they have been to the NRC mobile site already as the senior dev is generally one step ahead of me on these issues, I guess as he should be... I read about your mobile site development from the CARL E-Lert # 428, Friday June 24, 2011.



Thanks Andrew. Great to have feedback. Any comments on how to improve the site are appreciated.

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